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Erosion & Sediment Control

at Providence Construction

Providence Construction takes great pride in ensuring that all of its projects take place in the safest and most efficient manner. As leaders in construction projects, we offer unbeatable customer service, quality work, and competitive pricing, making sure you get the work you need and at the best possible price. We take it even another step further by making sure that none of our projects end up becoming a severe detriment to the natural surroundings of the area. We believe that we are blessed to live in one of the most abundantly beautiful areas in the world, and we would do anything to protect that. Here are a few things we are doing to keep our environment safe.

Our Plan

As we are dedicated to the safety, legality, and quality of work. We adhere to the strict policies and procedures of each North Carolina county by sending proposals in advance for approval. Here is what the process usually entails:

1. Scheduling a pre-design with county officials.

2. Completing a notarized and signed Express Financial Responsibility/Ownership Form, including information on the projects size and timeline.

3. Paying the application fee and any addition fees per acreage.

4. Completing any necessary application checklist.

5. Completing a copy of our erosion plan according to the stipulations put forth by the area's manual.

6. Completing a detailed construction schedule and design calculations.

7. Submitting our plan for county review.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about our policies and procedures for erosion and settlement control, please feel free to reach out. 

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